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Would you like to surprise your partner?

Cooking with a few friends?

​That’s possible!

​Where and when?

In your own kitchen or at a nice location near your home, as of 10 up to a capacity of 20 persons. You choose where and when these cooking workshops can take place.

​What's going to happen?

During the "Pluk&Proef" cooking workshops you will be surprised by the colourful

combinations of fresh vegetables from local farmers, herbs and edible flowers.

Together we will create beautiful, super tasty, but also very healthy dishes. We will guide you choosing a healthier diet, without sacrificing smell, colour and taste… This is how we work together towards a Happier and Healthier you!

​Each workshop is tailor-made for you or your company...

Please contact us to finalise the to discuss schedule and details.

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