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Gardening: A happier you!

We will help your company build and maintain manageable vegetable gardens

with not only vegetables, but also herbs and edible flowers.


On the rooftop of your company, in flower boxes,... no matter how small.

Together we will plan systematic breaks for your teams. During these breaks

your teams maintain the vegetable gardens and experience the therapeutic power

of nature.

Creative cooking: A healthier you!

In addition, we will work with your teams in the kitchen and create the

most colourful, tasty, and very healthy dishes. We do this with fresh

ingredients from local farmers and even with your own harvest!

This way we will inspire and stimulate your teams.

How long and how often?

Every fortnight for 6 months, stimulating your teams and choosing a healthier diet, thanks to our creative cooking workshops in the kitchen of your company or in a beautiful location that we can suggest. Also, the period and frequency can be adjusted on request

This is how we work together towards a Hapier and Healthier team!

Are you interested in our Pluk Proef combi-program?  

Check here below how we work.

Maybe just cooking is enough for you? Then click on the links below and discover

all about the cooking workshops, entry-level sessions, season- and 5 session cards, customized and

even online cooking workshops.

You can visit this link for an idea of pricesbut each customer package is tailor-made.

Feel free to call or email for more information!



That's how we proceed

Step 1: 

  • Help with planning manageable vegetable gardens & systematic breaks per team

  • Start-up at the customer (2 hours):

    • 1st Introductory talk

    • Mapping the problem

    • Defining teams

    • View on location and content options for vegetable garden


Step 2:

  • Planning layout at studio

  • Proposal planning and adjustments at the customer (2 hours)


Step 3:

  • Purchase vegetable garden supplies (optionally)

  • Help with start-up vegetable garden at the customer (2 hours)


Step 4:

  • Bi-weeklys: Cooking workshop at the customer (4 hours)

       bringing ingredients + use of your own harvest

  • These can be replaced by online cooking workshops 

       on request or during lockdown

PLUK & PROEF JOURNEY: A double therapy

During this process you will…

  • Take regular breaks

  • Be literally rooting in the earth with your hands

  • Be surrounded by the colours, smells and sounds of nature

  • Breath slower and feel more relaxed

  • Prepare healthy, tasty dishes in a creative way (even with your own harvest)

Leading to a positive impact on your mind…

  • The power of nature

  • Getting creative in the kitchen

  • Consciously feeling healthier

  • Relaxing with your teammates

As a result…

  • Recognition and development of self-esteem

  • Respect for yourself and colleagues

  • Creating a team spirit

  • Regenerate energy

  • Inspire and motivate employees

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