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Creative cooking: A Happier & Healthier you!


What's going to happen?

During the "Pluk&Proef" cooking workshops you will be surprised by the colourful

combinations of fresh vegetables from local farmers, herbs and edible flowers.

Together we will create 3 beautiful, super tasty, but also very healthy dishes (appetizer, main course, starter or dessert). We will guide you choosing a healthier diet, without sacrificing smell, colour and taste… This is how we work together towards a Happier and Healthier you!


In the agenda you will find more information of all planned cooking workshops and, if you wish, you can immediately register for the day of your choice.

Maximum number of participants: 20 people

5 session-card

Do you fancy more?

With our 5 turns-card you get a nice discount!

4 seasons card

Would you like to surprise yourself or someone else four times a year with fresh

seasonal ingredients? Together we determine the 4 dates that suit you best.

Be sure to check the rates for our 4-season card below!


Would you prefer a cooking workshop at your home or at another location, at a time that suits you best? Be sure to check out our Tailor-made cooking workshops.

Online cooking workshop

Another pandemic and we can't get together? No problem, you can contact us for an Online cooking workshop.

For companies that want to go one step further, check our 6-month combi journey.


Check our competitive rates here.

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